Transmogrify the work

What is it?

Make the learner change what they are learning into a completely different medium.

The traditional route of transmogrification is getting the learner to read something off a board and write it down. They are changing what they read (see) into what they write, simple right.  


Our learners can do so much more. Learners can transmogrify the output of what they are learning which makes it stand out in the brain.

How do effective teachers keep it interesting?

Just pick one mode of learning something, say the written form of pythagoras therom and transmogrify it into a karate sequence.  Imagine the learner forming an arm sequence of a 90 degree triangle then let them explore how to fit the 'squaring' formula into their routine.

Another example might be taking a famous speech such as 'The Gettysburg Address' by Abraham Lincoln and turn it into a speech about a concept of cell phones. Example: 4 Texts and 7 voicemails ago our government brought forth a new coverage plan, conceived in signal coverage, that all devices are created equal.

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